After our Alexander The Great series ended, we were trying to think of another topic to tackle that involved beauty, love, war, evil shit, fucking, rape, more war, betrayal, homoerotica, heretoerotica, plague, and philosophy.

One of our listeners actually suggested The Renaissance and we went BOOM!

It really sank in for us when we took a group of listeners on a tour of Europe in 2018 and spend a few days with them in Florence. We decided we want to live there and hope this podcast will teach us everything we need to know in order to get part-time jobs as tour guides.

Manly Love on the Palatine Hill, Rome, 2018


We are a podcasting dynamic duo from across the Pacific who have been working together since 2013 on deep dive history podcasts on Julius Caesar, Augustus Caesar, Alexander the Great, the Cold War and The Bullshit Filter. Check out The Podcast Network for a list of all of our shows.

THE AUSSIE (on the right)

Cameron Reilly was a podcasting pioneer. In 2004 he launched G’Day World, the very first Australian podcast. He was also the co-founder of The Podcast Network, the world’s first podcast network, back in early 2005. He likes reading about history and science, playing chess and watching cheesy B movies. By day he runs Motherlode, a marketing agency in Brisbane, Australia, and is writing & producing a documentary about early Christianity.


THE YANK (on the left)

Ray Harris has a degree in history from James Madison University. He lives in Virginia with his family and lots of snakes, and made his podcasting bones as host of the very popular WWII Podcast. While technically not a midget, in his early 50s Ray is still able to get on the children’s rides at Disneyland. He drinks his own limoncello.