Over the years we have done a number of miniseries which focus on specific periods or events of the Renaissance. Here’s a handy guide to each of those miniseries.

leonardo da vinci podcast

Leonardo da Vinci

This is our current series. Everything you ever wanted to know – and more – about Leonardo da Vinci. Starts with Episode #108.
REN 94 - Savonarola part 1


The story of Girolamo Savonarola, the original fire and brimstone preacher, who briefly took over Florence and introduced the Bonfire of the Vanities. Episodes #94 – #197.


Renaissance podcast 89 - the great Sandro Botticelli.


The story of Sandro Botticelli, painter of masterpieces like The Birth of Venus. Episodes #89 – 93. 

The Spanish inquisition

The story of The Spanish inquisition. Episodes #84 – #88.


Lorenzo de'Medici

The story of Lorenzo de’Medici. Episodes #76 – #80.



The history of the development the Gutenberg printing press. Episodes #65 – 70. 


The story of Poggio Bracciolini and his search of the lost texts of antiquity. Episodes #53 – 57.


The Rise of the Medici

The story of The Rise of the Medici, the Godfathers of the Renaissance, to power in Florence. Episodes #38 – 52.


The Avignon Popes

The story of the Avignon Popes, when Pope Clement V moved the Papacy from Rome to Avignon in France. Episodes #35 – 37.

Brunelleschi's Duomo

The story of how Brunelleschi built the world-famous Dome on the cathedral of Florence, aka the Duomo. Episodes #30 – #34.


Ghiberti & The Doors

The story of Ghiberti & The Doors he made for the Battistero di San Giovanni. Episodes #28 – 29.



The story of Giovanni Boccaccio and the Decameron. Episodes #25 – 27.


The story of Francesco Petrarca, aka Petrarch, the great Florentine poet who is often called the father of humanism and the father of the Renaissance. Episodes #22 – #24.


The Dark Ages

We can’t talk about the Renaissance without first explaining how Western Europe ended up in the Dark Ages in the first place. Episodes #1 – 21.