Exiting The Dark Ages.

Starting in Florence in the 14th century, a new era began to emerge in the West. Humanists like Petrarch, Boccaccio, Poggio, Cosimo de Medici, Alberti, Brunelleschi, Ghiberti, Fra Angelico, Masaccio & Pope Nicholas V studied classical antiquity to usher in a rebirth in the study of the arts, the sciences, and philosophy. The Renaissance saw the decline of the feudal system, the growth of commerce, the invention or application of paper, printing, the compass, and gunpowder. We are telling the story of how it came to be. 

Recent Episodes

#103 – Savonarola Part 10

#103 – Savonarola Part 10

Yes, we’re still talking about Savonarola! Deal with it! On this episode, Savonarola refuses the Pope’s summons to go to Rome and to stop preaching. He uses the ol’ Bill Clinton defence. During some of his downtime, one of his colleagues offers to go through a trial by fire to prove how much God loves Savonarola. And when he returns to preaching, Savonarola demands for blood to be spilled by anyone who criticises “his” signoria and decides to build the Hitler Youth to force Florence into being good little Christians. But then the Holy Roman Emperor sets sail for Italy with an armada to kick out the French and Florence yet again needs to choose a side – Savonarola or the Pope?

#102 – Savonarola Part 9

#102 – Savonarola Part 9

By early 1495, Savonarola managed to get control of the Great Council of Florence and has his reforms passed. He may not be gonfaloniere, but he is a political force. He soon gets one of his own followers elected gonfaloniere and then has complete control over the city. Then he started arguing to shut down more fun things. Sodomy, dancing, poetry, prostitution, blasphemy – he’s the anti-Lorenzo. Meanwhile King Charles of France and the Pope go to war and Florence is forced to choose between the King, who Savonarola has said is the agent of God, and the Pope. When they choose the King, Savonarola ends up on the Pope’s naughty list – and his future suddenly looks dim.

#101 – Savonarola Part 8

#101 – Savonarola Part 8

With the Medici and the French both gone from Florence, Savonarola tries to influence the new Signoria to pass significant reforms – but they ignore him. Then another enemy appears – this time, a religious rival. Feeling like he wasn’t appreciated, Savonarola eventually spat the dummy and said he wanted to leave Florence once and for all. Meanwhile, on November 17, the day Charles VIII and his troops entered Florence, Pico della Mirandola died at the age of thirty-two – only two months after his friend and possibly lover, Poliziano, who died aged only 40. They were poisoned – possibly on the orders of the exiled Piero de Medici.

#100 – Savonarola Part 7

#100 – Savonarola Part 7

Savonarola meets with King Charles VIII of France in Pisa, calling himself a prophet of God and telling Charles that he was the instrument of God’s divine plan. Then he returns to Florence where the Medici have been kicked out and he congratulates the Florentines on a bloodless revolution. But, he says – there is still more work to be done to get back into God’s favour. Shortly after, the King arrives in Florence with 9000 troops – and announces he wants them to bring back Piero de Medici.

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3. It’s NSFW. While we take the history very seriously, we also know that learning is more effective when you’re having fun. Sometimes (okay, quite often) “having fun” for us translates as bad language and dirty jokes. Let’s face it – this history is violent and sexy. This is NOT a child-friendly show, nor is it safe for work.

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What a Show

★★★★★ in Apple Podcasts by Timer0988736364 from United States of America on April 8, 2019

This is a great follow-up from a great duo: the savant of WW2 and Napoleon’s leading expert! Sorry, David Markham. … Cam’s crusade against Christianity is brilliant. This show is almost as good as The Cold War: Confessions of Yalta! Join D**k Tickling and the dwarf from Lord of The Rings (after his male pattern baldness kicked in) as they spend the first twenty hours dissecting the turds that brought down the Roman Empire. This show is sure to turn heads, make laughs, and if you pay close attention you will figure out how to avoid eternal damnation! Therefore, this show is necessary for the survival of humanity. For the creators- Also, during the intro song there is this snorting sound (likely from a drum pad or something) that sounds like when Ray starts to laugh through his nose! This is my third subscription from these guys! I’ve gone through the Cold War in February, I caught up to real time for this show in a week, and I’m working on Alexander now! I guess Caesar is all I got left, but I frequent the Augustus show between binges. I’m starting a road trip and trip across Europe, and this will be one of my main sources of education in my time of sorrow travels (Bob Dylan). People of all ages will love this show. I’m 26, they aren’t!, but I love it.
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So worthy

★★★★★ in Apple Podcasts by The Cam and Ray Story Hour from United States of America on December 5, 2019

I stumbled on The Renaissance Times podcast and gave it a whirl, not knowing how completely I would be submerged into the many podcasts of Cam and Ray. It’s really too bad that the people I know who like history would be put off by the bawdiness, and the people who would love the bawdiness wouldn’t want to have the history, because they’re missing top shelf of each. I’ve now caught up with The Renaissance episodes, have listened to much of The BS Filter, and and whipping my way through the Cold War (Go, HO! Oh, no…) and now I’m itching (in a good way) to get to Napoleon (and then Alexander, and the Caesars…and…). I love Cam’s impersonations and Ray’s…sidekickedness (or whatever, the point is, his penis), and the in-depth so NOT run-of-the-mill history is so refreshing. Then again, the Cold War might never wrap up so I think I’m in for the long haul. I loved the Yalta episodes, by the way, all 25 hours of them. You guys are amazing. So looking forward to the next 20 decades of your podcasts.
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The Renaissance… starting with Constantine

★★★★★ in Apple Podcasts by ResoundingFootsteps from United States of America on December 11, 2018

I love history. I absorb as much of it as I can from as many different sources as I can. However, I know how dry, dull, and boring it can be to actually learn it. Ray and Cam have to know that as well because they do everything they can to make the Renaissance as lively, vibrant, and downright bloody hilarious as it deserves. They are irreverent and snarky yet they know their stuff and they deliver a massive amount of knowledge, facts, opinions, and analysis with enough humor and bite to keep the listener entertained. They start their show on the Renaissance not on the Renaissance (that’s for plebs) but at the time of Constantine. Why? Because they want the listener to understand the world that the Renaissance was born into. Unconventional? Yeah. But it works. These guys know what they’re doing, at least Cam does, and I wouldn’t trust anyone else to do a podcast about the Renaissance.
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