Our guest today is friend of the show, one of our favourite people – artist Alex Kynaston. She was with us in Durham NC while we shot the Jesus film and was also on our inaugural European tour. She and Cameron (and her dad Tony) smoked stogies and caught some jazz in NYC and have hung out in Toronto. She’s known Cameron since she was 10 years old – and has been listening our to our shows since she was 15. She sent us a picture of herself wearing a toga when she was 14. So that tells you pretty much everything you need to know about her. Today she’s studying fine arts in Melbourne and already has forgotten more about art than we ever will know. So we asked her to come on and talk about Florence’s special relationship with David & Goliath and the differences between Donatello’s twink statue versus Michelangelo’s swole version.

Check out Alex’s website and commission a painting from her!