⁃ Theodosius' army rapidly dissolved after his death.
⁃ And as he apparently hadn’t given the Goths the rewards they expected for helping him defeat Eugenius at the Battle of the Frigidus, they decided to just TAKE their rewards - and more.
⁃ As his heir in the East, Theodosius left his son Arcadius, who was then about eighteen years old, and in the West his son Honorius, who was ten.
⁃ Neither ever showed any sign of fitness to rule, and their reigns were marked by a series of disasters.
⁃ As their guardians Theodosius left Flavius Stilicho and Flavius Rufinus
⁃ Stilicho was the magister militum who was half Vandal, a large East Germanic tribe, and married to the niece of Theodosius
⁃ Stilicho ruled in the name of Honorius in the Western Empire
and the magister officiorum ("Master of Offices”)
⁃ Flavius Rufinus was the actual power behind the throne of Arcadius in the East.
⁃ Edward Gibbon called Stilicho “the last of the Roman generals”.
⁃ BTW, it’s from the Vandals obviousl...

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