• Ambrose had Theodosius so whipped that he was able to publicly declare that the emperor had recognised the moral supremacy of the church over the actions of an emperor.
• It's from this point onwards that the church decides it has the power to make and break emperors.
• It was soon after the incident in 390 that Ambrose forced Theodosius embark on a massive programme suppressing paganism.
• But maybe it wasn't only Ambrose.
• Another theory is that it was the work of a guy called Flavius Rufinus.
• Rufinus' official title in Milan had been magister officiorum, `head of the offices', a powerful position in the court.
• Rufinus is known to have been fanatical in his Christian belief and determined to take one of the top posts in the eastern administration.
• This meant ousting Tatianus, the praetorian prefect, who was a pagan.
• So maybe the harsh laws of 391 to 392 against paganism might be related to the power struggle, those of 391 having been passed when Theodosius was on t...

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