Vally went to Theodosius in Thessalonica, agreed to marry off his sister Galla to him to cement their alliance, and together they invaded from the east the following year and defeated Maximus in battle.
He surrendered, pleaded for mercy as one good Christian to another… and was executed.
His young son was also strangled by Theodosius's trusted general Arbogast.
Because that’s how Jesus would have wanted it.
After the defeat of Maximus, Theodosius remained in Milan until 391.
Vally and his court were installed in Vienna in Gaul.
Why? Who knows.
But Theodosius started appointing ministers of his own in the West and minting coins.
All of which suggests he had talked Vally into letting him run things as his guardian.
Justina had just died and Vienna was far away from the influence of Ambrose.
Theodosius’ general Arbogast stayed in Vienna as Vally’s protector cum manager.
It was Arbogast who went on campaign on the Rhine and it was Arbogast who cut the t...

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