This is the first episode of the premium series!
October 28, 312.
The Battle of Milvian Bridge.
Conny wins and marches into Rome, with the head of Maxentius carried on a spike.
Just like Jesus would have done.
Another thing Conny does to emulate his lord and saviour, is to have Maxentius’ family all killed.
Including his wife and youngest son.
Praise the lord.
One of the first things he does after his victory is disband the Praetorian Guard.
They had raised Maxentius to the throne when Galerius tried to disband them in 306.
They are sent out to guard the frontiers of the empire, the Rhine and the Danube.
Then in February 313 Conny and Licinius met in Milan where Licinius married Constantine’s sister.
And they issued their famous Edict of Milan.
"We have decided, therefore, to grant both to the Christians and to all others perfect freedom to practise the religion which each has thought best for himself, that so whatever Divinity resides in heav...

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