May 10, 2019

#52 The Rise Of The Medici (part 14)

The return of Cosimo de Medici! On 5 October, 1434, Cosimo arrived at his villa outside Florence and stopped for some food. The Signoria sent him a message […]
May 2, 2019

#51 The Rise Of The Medici (part 13)

By April 1434, six months after Cosimo de Medici’s banishment, the people were turning against Rinaldo degli Albizzi.  Even the banking families weren’t supporting him, not […]
April 27, 2019

#50 The Rise Of The Medici (part 12)

So Cosimo de Medici is sent into exile by his enemies. As is the rest of the family. But at least he’s alive. And the business […]
April 11, 2019

#49 The Rise Of The Medici (part 11)

Albizzi tries to get the Signoria to pass the death sentence on Cosimo. Meanwhile, Cosimo waits nervously for his brother Lorenzo, Niccolo da Tolentino and his mercenaries to […]