April 13, 2018

#12 – The Sack Of Rome

Stilicho and the chief ministers of his party were treacherously slain on Honorius’ orders. * Stilicho had been accused by one of his enemies at court, […]
April 7, 2018

Episode 11 – The Rise Of The Goths

⁃ Theodosius' army rapidly dissolved after his death. ⁃ And as he apparently hadn’t given the Goths the rewards they expected for helping him defeat Eugenius […]
March 31, 2018

Episode 10 – Crushing The Pagans

• Ambrose had Theodosius so whipped that he was able to publicly declare that the emperor had recognised the moral supremacy of the church over the […]
March 16, 2018

Episode 9 – The Whipped Dog

* Theodosius appointed his young children as his co-emperors, but he’s the sole emperor * He died a few months later, leaving the empire in the […]