#41 David & Goliath
February 2, 2019
#43 The Rise Of The Medici (part 5)
February 14, 2019

#42 The Rise Of The Medici (part 4)

In 1414, the future Holy Roman Emperor Sigismund (aka Ziggy Stardust) suggested to Mr Baldy (aka Baldassare Cossa aka Pope John XXIII) that he should get all of the active Popes – John XXIII, Gregory XII and Benedict XIII – together for a big party to work out the pope situation.  Baldy said…. sure, Okay, I’ve heard Cam & Ray say NEVER GO TO PARTIES, but I’m game as long as you promise my safety. Ziggy said…. I PROMISE. Someone else he promised would be safe was Jan Hus, the Czech theologian who is considered the first church reformer.

Oh I’m sure it’ll all work out just FINE.

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