At the end of episode 6, the Augustii Valens and Gratian were dead.
Valens burned alive in a cottage by the Goths.
Gratian assassinated by a rebel general under Magnus Maximus.
One story about that.
While he was hunting down Gratian, The general, Andragathius, apparently hid himself in a litter carried by mules.
He ordered his guards to send out a report that the litter contained the wife of Gratian.
Sneaky fucker.
So that was in 383.
The only Augustus left with any real authority is Theodosius.
But there’s also the kid emperor, Valentinian II.
He’s about 12.
Now in the last episode we also mentioned the Bishop Ambrose of Milan
He is also an important guy in this story.
Ambrose was born in into a Roman Christian family somewhere around 340 in Gallia Belgica, aka Belgium.
His father was some kind of official, perhaps a praetorian prefect of Gaul.
Ambrose followed him into public service and ended up the governor of the Aemilia-Liguria reg...

Oh dear!

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